• The perfect wave

    For the best reproducible results in selective
    soldering processes: the EUTECT Miniwave


  • It's all under control with EUTECT!

    Controlled wire-feed technology for the highest
    standards: The SWF from EUTECT!


  • Soldering automation from Swabia in Germany

    Whether in-line, stand-alone or rotary transfer:
    You can rely on the automation concepts
    of Swabian experts!


  • Bound together by success

    For optimal performance:
    Automatic and manual welding processes
    from EUTECT!


  • Touch & move

    Precise and intuitive module operation:
    EUTECT's Software!


  • Setting new standards

    Expertise in finding solutions for successful projects: Product development, process evaluation or pre-
    production solutions from EUTECT!


  • Piece by piece...

    Staying ahead with modular flexibility:
    EUTECT's modular kit!


  • Total solution - compact and controlled

    Total solution for ambitious, repeatable soldering solutions beside the standard.

EUTECT module kit

MBK - this is EUTECT's modular kit for optimal connections. It guarantees the perfect solution for each customer's product.  






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