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Case Studies

One of our greatest strengths is our expertise in developing solutions; this goes far beyond the industry standard. We engage 100% with each and every project and work closely with you to solve any problem that you may face.
You will soon be able to read more specific case studies here concerning projects we have delivered...


Our flexible and innovative solutions have been much in demand for over 20 years across a wide range of sectors. These include alternative energies, automotive, consumer electronics and medical equipment, and our customers are happy with the success our solutions deliver.Feel free to ask us about the solution we would suggest for your specific joining problem. We have the right "selective process" for every sector of industry. Or if we don't, then we'll develop it!


Customer satisfaction

"First-class products that capture customers' imaginations"
Our products and services aim to give our customers a competitive edge. In order to find the perfect solution for you, we develop innovative products and produce them in line with international standards.

Customer rating

We view feedback from our customers and partners as extremely important. It helps us to continue developing and improving our modules and products and our team.
Soon you will be able to find out more here of what our customers have to say about EUTECT...

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Get in touch with us and learn more about the modular joining technology of EUTECT. We look forward to meet you and your specific concerns. We love the challenge!