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ServicesWelding technology
ServicesWelding technology

Air gap welding

  • By mounting the electrodes of the EUTECT air gap welding module on only one side, geometries that are hard to access and also certain insulated products can be joined together.

  • LS electrode head

    • Variable immersion depth
    • Force- and current-regulated
    • Single-side welding
    • Trend analysis (SPC)
    • Compact design
  • LS welding module air gap

    LS welding module air gap

Resistance welding

  • We manually and automatically optimise the performance of welding processes. Transparent visualisations of SPC, envelope curves and patented electrode monitoring enable process and material to be continuously influenced for the purpose of quality improvement.


  • SZ electrodes

    • Highly transparent
    • Electrode wear monitoring
    • Capture of operating data
    • Real-time analysis of all related data
  • SZ resistance welding gun

Deposit welding

  • EUTECT is setting new quality standards for automated deposit welding and laser welding with filler wire. The SWF AS module allows the system to respond to the widest possible range of different geometries and to deposit the weld metal definitively in height and density.

  • Deposit welding process

    • Automatic process adjustment
    • Definable weld beads
    • Error detection
    • Controlled wire feeding
    • Can be freely integrated
  • SWF AS 5-axis system