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Every year we invest over 10% of our profits into research and development. Our employees, partners, and customers provide new, creative initiatives again and again in the process.
That way EUTECT is constantly at the cutting edge.
We also promote this through our employees' on-going continuing education. Internally, individual teams' monthly know-how presentations provide for the best possible transfer of knowledge for the entire EUTECT team. We're creating a wealth of experience through cross-team project communication from which every employee benefits.
We know that every employee is part of EUTECT's solution competency. An open, watchful sort of co-operation, as well as a good spirit of co-operation in the team and with the customer, is the foundation for sustainable business success.

This we gladly share this business success, because sustainable action doesn't end at the factory gate. EUTECT supports a range of social and ecological projects throughout the country and regionally at its own front door, because we appreciate acting socially and with a sense of responsibility as part of society.